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Stuff We Like: Canva

Canva is one of the best visual tools on the web today. It is a graphic design tool that makes image crafting easy for entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and anyone else with an important web presence. While there’s no shortage of image editors on the web today, Canva stands out for its breadth of options, wide […]

Lewis Croft Links 10: Remote Working

Six Ways Remote Teams Can Crush Their To-Do Lists – Gregory Ciotti at HelpScout I’ve personally been a remote worker for over 2 years now, and I can tell you from experience that the biggest transition to remote work is managing your schedule and productive output. In the office, these things are a bit easier—with […]

Lewis Croft Links 9: Blogging

Every week or so I post a collection of read-worthy links from my RSS reader. This week I wanted to focus on blogging, both writing and getting people to read it. Here are a few articles to help you use blogging to build your business. Increase Traffic to Your Site With These Tried and Tested Blogging […]

Reading List: Information Doesn’t Want To Be Free

Corey Doctorow’s book, Information Doesn’t Want To Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age isn’t a book that would typically come up in small business discussion. However, it’s filled with ideas that can enlighten and expand your understanding of online business, digital sales, and our modern world as a whole. Unconventional thinking has always been the engine […]

Lewis Croft Links 8: Cloud Storage

Every week or so I post a collection of read-worthy links from my RSS reader. This week I wanted to focus on cloud storage or “The Cloud” as it’s sometimes called. It is a pretty broad term and can be confusing. Here are a few articles to help clarify cloud storage and how you can […]

Stuff We Like: DialPad

DialPad is a quietly remarkable VoIP app that caters specifically to business clients. This sharp focus comes courtesy of an experienced team: the founders created Google Voice, the telephony service that’s connected millions of Google users for years now. Now they’re bringing a whole new level of innovation to the enterprise phone world. Adventurous business […]

Lewis Croft Links 7: Email Marketing

Every week or so we post a collection of read-worthy Lewis Croft Links. This week is focused on email marketing and building your email list. Email marketing is the tried and true online marketing solution that has had a big resurgence in popularity. Here are a few articles to help start and build your own […]

Stuff We Like: Help Scout

Help Scout is a tool that allows your entire team to access the emails they need in a shared inbox. You cannot afford to miss important client emails. Help Scout allows you to create a single point of contact to be used by clients. Many business use to multiple emails for different contacts. Clients need a […]

Lewis Croft Links 6: WordPress

Every week or so we post a collection of read-worthy links. This week is focused around WordPress. This is the most popular platform for building a website. These links provide some introduction to get you going. vs A Definitive Guide For 2014 – WPMUDEV Blog or If you’re new to WordPress, […]

Lewis Croft Links 5: Customer Service

Here is our collection of the best links we’ve found this week. If you have a link we should know about post it to twitter with the hashtag #LCLinks. The Customer Is Mostly Wrong – HelpScout Blog When listening to feedback, the temptation to follow the customer’s lead is always looming. After all, they know […]